10 Ways To Make Money With A Video Camera

There are so many ways you can earn by creating videos and you can do this either online or offline. Huge opportunities await those who really excel in video production and the advent of innovation and new technologies helps a lot in making this possible.

Websites and local businesses are aware of this that’s why they demand a need for people who are highly capable of generating advertisements, promotions and sort of press releases for their trade. Videos are viral and can catch attention more than any other means. The fast delivery of messages is sent via images or animations that can swiftly define brands.

Here are some possible video business opportunities that many experts have earned money from:

How To Make Money With Video A Camera

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  1. Upload videos at sites that deal with ad revenue sharing

YouTube is the most popular video website that you can use to further your earning power.  The more than 300 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube per minute, making it the most visited, most patronized, and most popular video-related website on the net. This free site is very friendly to beginners and helpful to continuing video artists as well. You can earn from ads embedded on your video and as soon as it goes viral, you may earn more.

  1. Attach affiliate links on your videos

People who come to your site to watch videos are people attracted to what you post. After watching the video, you can redirect them to affiliate partners who sell products that you covered on your post. Redirecting to a seller website makes you earn money. It’s like creating a how-to video and making use of a certain product sold at either Amazon or Priceline.com. These are just two websites that can reward you something in return and there are a lot more listed on the Internet if you are fond of searching.

  1. Sell video content at iStockVideo

Posting videos at iStockVideo.com brings in money. This site is a marketplace for videos that are likely what businesses want to use for specific purposes. The site is associated with the free stock photo website iStockPhoto.com which displays a huge numbers of photos. Since its video platform is relatively new, it gives a connotation that each video purchase makes video producers earn royalties just like how it is done on its sister website. You may ask around if there are people know how the system works to be sure.

  1. Look for video sponsors

If you are capable of creating professional and interesting videos that target specific audiences, your videos can always reach out to advertisers. Great videos are huge magnets most especially if you can create trending ones. Using the WebVideoZone player provides opportunity for sponsors to advertise while your posted material is playing or after it has ended. You can charge sponsors per monthly, per unique viewing, or per click-through basis. This platform allows both video creator and sponsors to track the number of viewers.

  1. Sell or promote your own products using the web

If you have products to sell or services to promote, videos can help you. You can create a video to help your target consumers understand what the nature of your business or make them understand why they need what you sell. You can use animation or testimonials to promote your site by posting a video tour of your company. You can make a clear presentation about your merchandise by adding how it eases up consumers’ way of life, or something of that sort.

  1. Showcase real estate properties

Create succinct, compilation videos that highlight unique features of a particular property. You can do this by using several effects to create a vibrant appeal. Pick the most admirable feature of the home you are up to promote and stay on that longer. Once you have created an excellent video out of your first project, ask your neighbors if they want their homes featured as well. Earnings can be huge when showcasing real estate properties with opportunities that are endless and rewarding.

  1. Document meetings

Seminars or business meetings are not exciting subjects but there is a chance of making money by documenting such events. Companies are willing to pay for the price for these types of videos that can serve as documentation for their businesses. Although this does not require much creativity as other niches, still you are up for huge earnings. You don’t need a professional camera for this which means, you can start with your good old cam without shelling out capital.

  1. Capture memorable moments

Weddings are among the most unforgettable days for couples and so are funerals. Although these are opposites, video creators can still rake in money out of these emotional events. Images of people who attend these events bring a lot of memories that families can treasure as long as they live. What makes both occasions great earners is the fact that it can generate referrals. Word of mouth advertising is still alive and kicking but this serves only those who are really good at taking excellent angles and using the right lighting effects.

  1. Document school events

The school has plenty of events you can document and this brings pleasure not only to the students, but it stirs excitement towards parents and the school itself. Get hold of your school’s special and important events and get your video cam or Smartphone prepped up. Don’t forget to inform your friends and everybody, if you may, that you are covering it for a purpose. Chances are their parents would commission you to shoot the video and pay you for a fee. You can also go to your friends’ school and do the same.

  1. Create brief promotional videos for local businesses

Local businesses would be interested in promotional videos which could boost their revenues in a faster and economical way. You can use less than $2,000 to start this small business which you can do during weekends or free time. If you think you still need to learn other techniques, you can browse what you need to improve on using the web where many people flock to for further knowledge. Tap travel destinations, retailers, or used car dealers for this purpose. Nevertheless, there could be more areas you can think of to market your skills.

There are countless possibilities if you really want to earn out of creating videos. The only things you will have to take note of are skills involved in these various opportunities, the time you want to spend for each, and the creativity that needs to come out for each project you undertake. The best part? There are so many video cameras to choose from nowadays and you’ll be able to find a video camera to suit your budget with ease!


This article was written by guest contributor Greg Nunan