Each year, industry insiders predict what new devices will reach consumers. Since Apple releases such a wide range of products and services, it’s fun to imagine what the company will introduce. Of course, Apple doesn’t confirm these rumors, but a lot of researchers are good about making informed predictions that usually come true, at least in part.
For 2016, keep your eyes open for these three new Apple products.

iPhone 7

The iPhone has become increasingly sophisticated and diverse since it debuted in 2007. Experts expect this trend will continue in 2016 when Apple releases the iPhone 7.

It’s impossible to know exactly what features Apple will include in its new phone, but people who follow consumer technology trends have a few good guesses. Assuming that they’re right, expect the iPhone 7 to:

  • Eliminate the headphone jack
  • Offer wireless charging
  • Have a new case that’s more durable and water-resistant

Not having a headphone jack is a fairly big deal that may give some consumers pause. Instead of using a standard 3.5mm jack, owners will need headphones that can connect to the iPhone 7 via its Lightning port. If you don’t have compatible headphones, you’ll either need to purchase a new pair or get an adapter.
There is also a rumor that Apple plans to release Bluetooth headphones that can connect to the iPhone 7 wirelessly.

iWatch 2

Image via Flickr by LWYang

Depending on whom you ask, the iWatch was either a brilliant success or a tremendous flop. Regardless, Apple now has feedback from consumers, so it can make improvements that will help the next generation match the needs of more people.
Some rumors suggest that the iWatch 2 could come out as early as March. That seems a bit early, although it’s definitely possible that Apple may at least release information about it by spring.

Extending the watch’s battery life is the most important improvement Apple could make. Even people who love the original iWatch complain about charging it every night. If Apple can add a larger battery or use software that doesn’t drain the power so quickly, it could position the iWatch 2 for success.

Streaming Service for Apple TV

When Apple launched iTunes, it became a media company as well as a consumer tech company. In 2016, Apple may take another step into the entertainment industry by offering a streaming TV service.


There have been rumors about this for years, but now there is some support indicating that it’s potentially true this time.

Apple hasn’t been able to get into streaming TV because networks have been resistant. Considering how quickly companies like Netflix and Hulu disrupted the industry, that’s understandable.

Instead of continuing negotiations, Apple may buy Time Warner Inc. Time Warner owns a lot of stations, including popular ones like:

  • HBO
  • Cartoon Network
  • TNT
  • NBC
  • CNN

Even if Apple only purchased a portion of Time Warner, it could gain enough influence to make future negotiations much easier. These are just a few products that people expect Apple to release. Who knows what secrets the company has been able to keep? Anything is possible.