3 Must-Have Apps When You Can’t Decide What to Eat

It’s the proverbial question, one that’s plagued couples over the centuries. It’s caused many fights, has led to breakups, and even inspired YouTube videos and memes. The question: “What do you want to eat?” If you find yourself stumped, whether you’re craving everything or nothing at all, pick up your phone and check out the following apps before the inevitable battle begins. It could save your relationship, or, at the very least, save you from that bowl of cereal for dinner.

Foodspotting: A Visual Guide to Food

Instead of searching for a restaurant only to get lost in its extensive menu, Foodspotting helps you find a specific dish. On the app, you can browse photos and ratings of meals near you that are posted by actual restaurant goers. Unlike most other review sites, Foodspotting doesn’t allow negative feedback, so you’ll only catch a glimpse of the most crave-worthy dishes. Comedian Amy Schumer even joked that she’s traded in Tinder and other dating sites for this food pairing app. Download Foodspotting for free on both iOS and Android devices, and get paired with the perfect meal.

Eat St.: Mobile Food on Your Mobile Device

 Jump on the food truck craze with Eat St., available for free on iOS and Android devices. Acting as a compass to the tastiest food trucks, trailers, and carts, this interactive app lets you find your favorite go-to treats or try the latest mobile cuisine near you. Craving your favorite truck? Create a list of must-have vendors, and Eat St. highlights your list on the map. Struggling to decide what will satisfy your cravings? The app features selected dishes to help guide you to what’s making you peckish. You can also check out menus and photos, so you don’t risk leaving the house only to be disappointed in the options.

BigOven: Use What You Have in Your Fridge

Tired of wasting money on rotting food? You’re not alone. Americans waste $160 billion in food every year, and 80 percent of those people feel guilty about it. The app BigOven, available for free on both iOS and Android devices, is trying to dwindle down that staggering number while also helping you decide what to cook. The Use Up Leftovers feature lets you add three food items already found in your kitchen and pulls from over 350,000 recipes to find the perfect dish based on the ingredients you provide. BigOven also has plenty of features to help you stay organized in and out of the kitchen, including a grocery list and menu planner you can share with the whole family.

Next time you hear “What do you want to eat,” pull out your phone before the foreseeable argument begins. Whether you want to find that perfect dish, scope out what’s on the streets, or stay in and use what’s about to turn bad in your fridge, the above apps will help you decide once and for all what you want to eat.

Image via Flickr by CityofStPete