3 Reasons to Buy a Branded Android Tablet

The Android market is full of cheap tablets. It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin as they try to navigate the options. While the fact that people have an incredible variety of tablets to select from, and cheap to boot, it’s not always the best thing. Android is designed to work with a minimum of processing power, but that means that the user can’t do much with the tablet apart from read emails and surf the web. Streaming video is a no-go from the moment the tablet leaves the box. So what’s a consumer to do? Following are three reasons to buy a branded tablet and get the ultimate Android experience.

Processing Power

There are plenty of cheap, low-powered processors available for the low-end tablet marketplace. They do a wonderful job of keeping the cost of the tablet low, but they don’t let the tablet user do much, either. Android works by redrawing the screen every time the user switches from app to another, or to the home screen. A slow processor means waiting more than just a couple of seconds for the screen to redraw. In theory, this shouldn’t be such a big deal to wait for the phone to redraw.

In reality, it’s much different. If the user pokes the screen at the wrong moment while switching, the wrong app might open. Or time is of the essence to reply to an email and the slow redraw eats away at those precious moments. Or, even worse, the tablet can’t play certain apps because it can’t keep up with the power requirements. It’s things like this that make the tablet less of a bargain and more of a waste of money.

Poor Display Quality

No cheap Android Tablet is ever going to come with a good display. They are all going to use the cheapest LED screens possible. What this means for the consumer is choppy videos and gameplay. And definitely no viewing videos in HD, much less streaming with reliability. The combination of low-powered processor and poor quality display translates into choppy video display. The only thing a cheap tablet like this is good for is reading books and streaming music.

Lack of Updates

Manufacturers of cheap tablets have no incentive to update their product. All they care about is getting the tablets out the door and into the hands of unsuspecting buyers. It’s not unusual for cheap tablets to be two or three operating systems behind, and never receive an update. One alternative is to root the tablet, something that consumers aren’t always comfortable doing. Otherwise, it’s basically suffer with the current OS on the tablet and miss out on updates.

It’s better to buy a branded tablet such as Asus, Samsung, or Nexus instead of going with a no-name. Build quality is much higher, and the tablets receive more support from their manufacturers. Plus the experience of using a quality tablet is light years away from the kludge that is a cheap tablet.

Michele Goudie is a lover of all things Android and feels that life is too short to own a cheap Android tablet.


Image via Flickr by Yosomono