3 Tools to Learn More About Your Online Customers

How much do you know about your website customers? Sure you know what pages they like and what products they buy, but do you know what they think of your website? Do you know their path to purchase and customer journey? If the answer is no, then you could be holding back your potential revenue stream by creating poor experiences for site visitors. All marketers and website managers should have these X digital tools added to their arsenal to learn more about their customers and improve their overall experience.

Heat Maps and Video Footage

CrazyEgg and Mouseflow are examples of companies that track the customer journey to help businesses learn more about their websites. CrazyEgg offers heat map technology that shows where the customer’s eye goes and how they view a page. While a company might have a path in mind, it’s not always the same path that the customer takes. They might discover that their customers aren’t going to crucial parts of the page — like the Add to Cart button — and then change their design accordingly.

Mouseflow offers a similar tool, in which a selection of customers is recorded. Marketers can watch the mouse move across the screen to understand what problems and thought process the customers have while on their sites.

Analytics Software

Google Analytics offers a free version of its software that contains most of its features, but there is also a paid version and tools like IBM Coremetrics and Omniture. While most companies use Google analytics to learn about traffic sources and site visits, there are some opportunities for business owners to take a deep dive on their customers.

Check out the customer funnel to learn about the multiple paths they took before buying a product. How many channels did they hit? Which one convinced them to convert? You can also look at the time period from the initial browse until they finally converted. Is it a matter of hours? Does it take days? All of these questions and answers allow you to better understand what makes your customer buy so you can see to them better.

Survey Creation and Analysis Tools

While eCommerce companies can easily see what products customers like because they immediately buy them, other companies have to rely on site metrics and sample opinions to learn what customers want. These companies include B2B brands and even blogs that rely on traffic.

One of the top ways to learn about audiences, in this case, is through survey software. Companies can send out short questionnaires or long surveys with open-ended questions depending on their needs. They can ask about anything from site usability to future content ideas.

Marketers often rely on these tools to make decisions, and some companies are lost without them. You may find that after you get set up with Google Analytics or Mouseflow a great deal of your day is spent studying the data.  If you haven’t used any of these for your brand, sign up for a few demos or free trials and see which ones you find helpful for your business needs.

Image via Flickr by Beantin webbkommunikation