4 Apps That Will Help You Make the Most of What’s in the Fridge

Whether you’re an adventurous gourmet cook, or you rely primarily on PBJ, food storage and prep is a necessary part of everyday life. There’s nothing worse than realizing a chunk of your grocery budget is going to waste when you toss unused foods. Try a tech-focused approach to kitchen management to end this struggle and squeeze as much as you can from every food dollar.

Fridge Check

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The fridge looks like it’s full of food, but gazing at the contents you can’t help feeling like there’s just nothing to eat. When you don’t know how to make a workable meal from the odds and ends you have on hand, turn to Fridge Check for a little help. Simply enter the ingredients you have, choose a category and cooking time, and get a list of recipes that will make the most of what’s already in the kitchen.

If you need to pick up a few extra items to complete the meal, the app will generate a handy text for you to send to your spouse or roommate at the store. You can customize your recipe results by telling the app which ingredients you want to avoid, and store the recipes you like best on a favorites list so Fridge Check becomes easier to use each time.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

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The Allrecipes Dinner Spinner app is a favorite of adventurous cooks everywhere. You can search by ingredients to find meals that use what you already have, so you’re not starting from scratch with your weekly shopping trip. When you do need to pick up new items, you can add them to a shopping list stored right in the app. The Dinner Spinner will even tell you what’s on sale so you can come up with the most affordable grocery list possible each week.


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Though it’s often overlooked as a money-saving strategy, substituting one item for another is a great way to use up what you have before you purchase something new. The Substitutions app offers an extensive list of ingredients that you can choose from, with several accompanying substitution suggestions for each. There’s no need to purchase pricey spices just to complete a fancy recipe you found. Turn to substitutions and find a way to fix it with the items you have on hand.

Best Before

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Do you dread the days when you clean out the fridge only to find container after container of delicious food that’s spoiled in the back? Best Before will help you eliminate food spoilage in your home. Take a photo of your food as you unload it from the grocery bags and set the expiration date in the app. Best Before will send you an alert before items expire so you can use them up while they’re still fresh. A quick glance at the app will tell you what items have the shortest lifespan so you can plan every day’s menu accordingly.

Load your smartphone with the right selection of apps and you’ll be able to transform the way you manage your kitchen and use up food. Say goodbye to spoilage and start raking in the savings.

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