4 Free Apps Perfect for Creative Professionals

Keeping track of ideas, presenting creative proposals to clients, and brainstorming new products is all part of being a creative professional. You’re responsible for bridging the gap between art and marketing, and you spend considerable time translating client ideas into workable content. You rely on your phone to keep track of information, send files to work, and collaborate. To keep your work on track, you need apps to stay organized, to lay down your ideas no matter where you are, or to just start creating.

Do Note by IFTTT

Consolidate all your planning and remembering apps with Do Note by IFTTT. Give Do Note access to apps you frequently use, like Evernote and Twitter. When you need to put an event on your calendar, jot down something to remember later, or tweet, just open Do Note. Many creative people are a little scatter-brained when trying to keep ideas and schedules hammered out. Do Note is a great solution to serious app clutter.

Paper by FiftyThree

Create visual notes for yourself with Paper by FiftyThree. Paper is the app that will replace your notebook; you can create to-do lists, sketches, photographs, and more. If you see something inspiring, snap a picture, then draw directly on the photo to highlight your inspiration. Each note you make becomes a tile on your dashboard featuring a picture or words to identify it, kind of like a wall full of sticky-notes. Scrolling through and finding what you want is easy.

SimpleMind+ Intuitive Mind Mapping

When you’re in the first stages of creating new content, laying out your thoughts helps organize the creative process, so you focus on new inspiration and not the clutter in your head. The free version of SimpleMind+ lets you create brainstorms and mind maps. Choose one of several templates and color schemes, then follow the intuitive process of creating connected bubbles in your mind map. Mind maps can be as simple or as complex as you want them; limit the text in each bubble to a single word, or fit sentences into them. You can add notes about your bubbles, too, to help keep your thoughts straight.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Five pens, 64x zoom, and vector controls come together in Adobe Illustrator Draw. Designers and artists will love the amount of control Adobe Illustrator Draw offers. The app supports layers and connects you with Adobe Stock. Whether you’re mocking something up for a client while on the road, or are hit with inspiration on your lunch break, you’ll find yourself turning to Adobe Illustrator Draw constantly to take down your visual ideas. Exporting your work to your desktop’s Illustrator CC is simple, too. When you’re ready for desktop or tablet work, your app files (complete with layers) will be waiting for you in Illustrator CC.

While on the go, edit files for clients and save your weirdest ideas to share with your coworkers. When inspiration strikes in the middle of a meeting, on your commute home, or at 3 a.m., these apps are here to organize your thoughts and hold your creativity.

Image via Flickr by Elmastudio

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