4 Hidden Features of iOS 10

As iPhone enthusiasts eagerly await the release date of the iPhone 7, Apple has allowed beta testers to explore it’s latest iOS release. Even though Apple has already presented many new features for iOS 10, it comes as no surprise that gadget geeks have found hacks and tips to further enhance your mobile experience. From doodling on photos to optimizing mail features, these hidden tips may have you more engaged with your devices than ever before.

One of the hidden features that the beta testers have been discussing, is the ability to search the web for images directly in your message thread. So the next time you need a hilarious meme to reply to your sister’s dramatic outburst, you can quickly hit one button and search the web for that perfect animated gif. Along with finding the perfect image, you can also further enhance any picture in your photo album. iOS 10 allows users to draw on and add emojis to pictures, making you the meme king you always wanted to be.

Apple’s Clock app is getting a facelift. As expected, but what you may not know about is the new bedtime sleep analysis feature. As if our phones don’t know enough about us already, Apple has decided to help you understand your own sleep patterns. That’s right, with the new bedtime feature the Clock app now allows you to determine how many hours of sleep you need prior to your morning alarm going off and will set a “bedtime” reminder to get you those hours you so desperately need. Assuming you are adhering to your sleep and wake alarms, Apple then integrates this data into the Health app and creates sleep charts and recommendations on healthy amounts of sleep.

iOS 10 is without question coming with an updated emoji pack. The new Apple emojis will feature a slightly flatter design and a lot more variety on some of your favorite characters. More family options have been added to include a more diverse range of lifestyles. Users will see new sports emojis, as well as equal options for both genders. As Apple continues to be a voice of social change, the pistol emoji is going away and will be replaced with a water gun. They have also included a gay pride emoji. The new improved emoji pack will definitely let users express themselves in any symbolic form they choose.

The 3-D touch feature that gave iOS9 faster access to images and other features is being expanded to native Apple functions. The control center apps, like the flashlight, now come with 3-D touch options for brightness and other controls. The calculator’s 3-D Touch option will allow you to quickly copy the last entry to the clipboard. Use 3-D touch on the camera icon to select which camera (photo, video, slo-mo or selfie) you want to use before even going into the app.

Other pseudo-secretive features of iOS 10 include; the ability for users to select which conversations deserve read receipts, collaboration on notes, and automated media storage management.  With the pending release of the iPhone 7 and a new iPad in 2017, iOS 10 is packed with user-friendly features that will surely keep Apple customer’s delightfully captive for years to come.

Image via Flickr by iphonedigital