4 Home Improvement Apps Perfect for Designing Your First Home

Home improvement shows and articles focus on projects that look cool, but seem difficult, when you’re an amateur at DIY. Moving into your first apartment or house means you’re still missing both tools and knowledge seasoned Do-It-Yourselfers have on-hand. Apps will help you gain the inspiration and know-how you need to craft a space that’s uniquely you.

Paint My Place

A screen shot of someone using the Paint My Place app

Image via Apple.com

Color swatches and paint samples only get you so far. When you’re new at DIY, visualizing how an entire room will look painted in a new color is difficult. Let the Paint My Place app show you what your space will look like with different colored walls, with or without an undercoat. The free iOS version offers fifteen brand-name paint colors to choose from, which is great if you’re thinking of making a big change. Download the full version for $2.99 and get 30,000 paint options and play with as many as four paint colors at a time.

iHandy Level Free

A screen shot of the iHandy Level Free virtual bubble level

Image via Apple.com

Your phone doubles as a level with the iHandy Level Free app. Free to download both on iOS and Android, this app offers a virtual bubble level that makes it easy to hang pictures, shelves, and lots of other things perfectly straight. You need a flat surface to calibrate the level, but once you’ve done that the app will tell you exactly how many degrees from level your item is.

Photo Measures

Two stacked screen shots of the Photo Measures app in action, with measurements recorded on a photo of the interior of a home

Image via Apple.com

When you’re planning your home’s new layout and deciding how much paint, what kind of curtains, or the right wall shelves to buy, measuring your space is essential. Writing down all those measurements is a hassle because you might lose the piece of paper, forget which wall is how long, or have a hard time visualizing the space once you get to the store. The Photo Measures app is $6.99 for iOS and $4.99 for Android and is worth the price.

You take a picture of the rooms you need to measure. Once you’ve done your measurements, you record those numbers right on the picture. Organize multiple rooms within the app, zoom in to add measurements to small items like cabinets, and even include existing furniture measurements.

Homestyler Interior Design

A screen shot of how to place and rotate furniture in the 3D model of your home in the Homestyler Interior Design app

Image via Apple.com

Using Homestyler Interior Design, which is free to download on iOS and Android, is a bit like playing classic Sims. You take photos of your space to create a 3D model. Then you can browse through paint colors, furniture options, wallpaper choices, and more. Select the items you want to try, and place them in your space to see how they look. This is the perfect way to develop your interior design style before you buy anything.

You don’t need to be a DIY genius to create a wonderful design scheme in your new place. Learn your esthetic, experiment with color, place furniture, and more. Even experienced home improvement gurus will love how easy these apps are to use. Your paint choices will be flawless, your pictures will be level, and your furniture will be the perfect size for your new space.

Image via Flickr by Dean Hochman