4 Questions Left Unanswered by the Nintendo Switch Preview Video

Nintendo just announced the Switch, a new game console that’s totally different from the Wii and Wii U. It’s a portable console that can be docked at home or played on the go. The Nintendo Switch preview video was awesome and now I can’t wait until March 2017 when it finally hits stores. However, I wish the preview wouldn’t have left me with so many questions. Take a look at what we still need to know.

How Much Will the Nintendo Switch Cost?

Historically, Nintendo gaming systems have launched at lower costs than rival systems. The Wii debuted at $250 while both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 were over $300. However, it’s possible that Nintendo could depart from this strategy since it is introducing tons of new features that aren’t found on any other system. The coolest new feature is that the Switch has detachable controllers and can seamlessly switch from a handheld gaming device to a traditional console gaming system.

What Is the Battery Life of the Nintendo Switch?

One of the number one complaints consumers have with mobile devices is poor battery life. While the Nintendo Switch sounds like an awesome idea, if it doesn’t have a long battery life, it won’t be practical for on-the-go gamers. The preview video didn’t make it clear whether the Switch had a touch screen or not, and it’s possible that it’s also missing components like a camera and gyroscope. This could make the battery last longer.

What Games Will Be Available for Nintendo Switch Early On?

Nintendo is switching back to game cartridges instead of the disks used for the Wii, but we don’t know all the games that you’ll be able to buy early on. The only confirmed Nintendo Switch games are Dragon Quest XI, Just Dance, a Sonic game, and The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild. The preview video did show Mario Kart and a new Super Mario game, but those could just be representations of what the Switch could do. I think it’s likely that we’ll see new versions of all our favorite Nintendo characters shortly after the Switch is released.

Will the Nintendo Switch Components Be Durable and Comfortable?

The Switch has detachable controllers that can be configured in a few different ways. With all this switching, it’s worrisome that the components could break. This is likely an area where Nintendo has taken extra care, but I can’t help but wonder since I personally broke the battery cover off two of my Wii remotes.

I also wonder if all the different controller configurations are comfortable? There is a Pro Controller that looks like a traditional controller, but it will be interesting to see if the mobile configuration is comfortable for extended gameplay. Luckily, the kickstand on the Switch gives players the option to play in the configuration they like best.

The switch has the potential to turn Nintendo into a household name again. It’s something to look forward to in 2017. I hope Nintendo answers all of my questions soon.

Image via Flickr by Pseudo Gil