4 Smashing Apps for Modern Families

In the Connection Lost episode of the Modern Family TV-show, Claire is trapped at an airport and she’s trying to get in touch with her daughter Haley, so as to resolve a misunderstanding they had earlier. The entire episode revolves around different members of the same family tracking down one another and staying in touch via different means of communication. Apart from being hilarious and probably one of the best episodes in all the seasons of this TV-show, it also points out how useful cutting-edge software tools can be for modern families in general. Today we’re presenting some great apps that every family should use nowadays.

Hub Family Organizer

A multi-level app, available both for Android and Apple users, Hub Family Organizer can serve as a single tool for a plentitude of different family-related organizational features. First and foremost, you can use its calendar and connect it with Google Calendar or any other mainstream calendar available on the web. That way you can plan your family events, birthday parties and other occasions.

Moreover, Hub Family Organizer allows you to chat and share photos with your family. Finally, you can also assign to-do lists to your kids or spouse and manage that every single duty in your family is equally distributed and performed on time.


Spending long hours waiting for a delayed flight in airport lounges can be a tiring experience not only for kids, but for parents, as well. However, you don’t have to waste your time at airports anymore, since you can plan some airport activities with the GateGuru app. Available both to iOS and Android users, it will inform you on different amenities inside the airport area, as well as update you on the latest delays and postponements of your flights. What’s more, through this app families can find out more about the current discounts for different airport shops. As a matter of fact, you might want to hide the latter feature from your family, especially if you’re already running on fumes, budget-wise.

Finally, this app gives you some special discounts on car rentals, too, which is a great benefit for any family vacation.

Wi-Fi Mapper

When you decide to take your family on vacation, you should understand in advance that your children might not be delighted with the places and sights you chose. And what can soothe an annoyed teenager better than a free Wi-Fi connection? This is why you should keep the Wi-Fi Mapper as a vacation ace up your sleeve and play it if things get hectic in your camper. The only function of this app is to provide its users with the locations of free Wi-Fi connections in their vicinity.

In addition, bear in mind that it’s compatible only with iOS users. This is why you might want to learn more about getting Wi-Fi in some other ways, in case this app doesn’t meet your children’s needs or their mobile OS. Find out more about it here.

Another app wonder from Apple, iHandy Carpenter will transform you Apple device into a real multifunctional tool. It’s a perfect software solution for every home owner eager to perform some in-

Smith Home Remodel & Repair

When you’re about to start decorating your house and its surroundings, it’s important to get equipped either with proper tools or with proper professionals. Since the majority of working people are too busy these days to do their landscaping, carpentry or plumbing repairs on their own, it’s wiser to contact experts in those niches and see how they would do it. With the GoSmith app, available on all mobile platforms, you can find home professionals in your vicinity in the shortest time possible. Just take a photo of the area you need to have redecorated, upload it to the app and you’ll get the most suitable offers for your needs within a day. While a DIY-approach to home renovation can be applied in case of some easier works, the smartest thing you can do is turn to home improvement contractors when you want to perform more demanding tasks. They’ll give your both advice and professional assistance, while saving your time and assets.

No matter if you want to assign your children various tasks, ensure that you all have a great time on a vacation, or plan a budget-friendly home redecoration effort, modern apps can assist you in improving the quality of your family life. Therefore, use them as much as possible and bond with your family members in every digital way.


Dan Radak is a marketing professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.