4 Tech Innovations That Transform the Landscape for Allergen Sufferers

Allergies are a growing problem. Over half of the U.S. population currently suffers from allergies, and children with two allergic parents have a 70 percent chance of developing allergies of their own. Fortunately, technology is working hard to keep pace with this issue, offering a slew of innovative solutions that can transform the daily routines and critical responses of allergy sufferers. Whether you’re concerned about foodborne allergens or the hazards in your air, you can look forward to a fresh new solution on the horizon.


Aibi is a complete system that helps children monitor their allergic reactions while equipping adults to efficiently handle the situation. The system includes a colorful wristband that uses a photodiodes sensor to detect the early stages of an allergic reaction. In the event of an emergency, it will alert caregivers via a mobile app.

The caregiver then uses the second part of the product pairing, an epinephrine auto-injector, to promptly treat the reaction. Unlike standard epi-pens, the auto-injector provides clear instructions at every stage of the process to guide caregivers throughout their response.

Allergy Amulet

The Allergy Amulet combines fashion and function in a sleek accessory that can double as a life-saving allergen detector. The small portable amulet works easily as a necklace or keychain. Users simply insert a test strip into their food, plug it into the amulet, and wait for the results. Though the product is still in development and currently focuses on peanut allergies, it has the potential to work for dozens of allergens, or even match a personal allergy profile.


Nima is a tiny portable sensor that tests foods for gluten. Users simply place a small piece of food in a disposable capsule, slide it into the Nima test system, and within two minutes they will know whether a food is safe to eat or contains troublesome gluten. While the device itself will give you the go-ahead on its display, it’s also compatible with an app that will give you more detailed information. Nima is slated to hit the market in late 2016.


Imagine knowing what’s in the air you’re breathing everywhere you go. TZOA makes this experience a reality with its sleek enviro-tracker. The small, attractive sensor looks sharp on your bag, lapel, or pocket. Packed with smart sensors, it can tell you about the atmospheric pressure, UV rays, ambient light, humidity, temperature, and air quality.

The associated smartphone app offers a wealth of information, helping you determine whether the air is safe and breathable or needs some tweaks. Turn to the TZOA app and you’ll get healthy recommendations based on the tracker’s readings. It can help you find a better walk to work so you don’t kick your allergies into high gear, or let you know when it’s time to increase ventilation in a stuffy home. Handy both inside and out, TZOA can change the way you think about the air around you.

With tools like these, it’s possible to manage allergies with more foresight, consideration, and efficiency than ever before, making the world an easier and safer place for sufferers.

Image via Flickr by andrewmalone