4 Tech Trends Changing the Face of Business

Technology and business go hand-in-hand, even in sectors that aren’t tech-focused. This means that the face of business is always changing, taking on new and exciting forms with each fresh innovation. These top technology trends are shaping the next wave of business trends and may dramatically impact how things operate within your company.

Software-Defined Everything

Software-defined everything (SDE) is a broad term that refers to the virtualization of hardware. When something is software-defined, the control plane is separate from the hardware. This results in a more agile and flexible information technology (IT) structure. There are many different types of software-defined technology.

With a software-defined data center (SDDC), the storage, CPU, and security elements are delivered to the company as a service. Software-defined storage separates storage tasks from the hardware, so administrators can pool their resources. Though these solutions are still maturing, they’re an important option to keep in mind as you grow your company, as they’re poised to become an indispensable part of business technology in the future.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things includes everything from wearables like the Fitbit, to smart refrigerators that will give you a peek inside via your smartphone. Items like these are dramatically changing the available business opportunities. With the Internet of Things, you can gather customer data in innovative new ways, analyzing how they use their products, what the most common errors are, and what engagement levels are like via sensors and online integration built into the products themselves.

Data connectivity makes it possible to offer a wealth of new features with time-tested items. Tractors can now provide data about crops. Cars offer details about road conditions. Innovative developers can offer all the functionality of multiple products in one smart solution with this approach.

Continued Increase in Big Data

Big data has been a key business phrase for awhile, but this hot trend is showing no signs of slowing. Forbes predicts that big data will only continue to grow. Data collection is everywhere, and new solutions are popping up all the time that will help companies analyze and use this data wisely.

The analysis tools of today will give way to predictive analytics in the future, so our current store of knowledge will start helping us look toward the future through a more informed lens by 2020. Real-time insights and machine learning will continue to drive big data forward, improving all aspects of information collection and use.

Business Mobility

Today’s businesses are so mobile that many no longer have a stable brick-and-mortar location. BYOD programs are increasingly popular, as many employees already own the necessary devices for a mobile work experience. Mobile apps and cloud storage make it possible to collaborate seamlessly from around the globe, and take businesses to broader locations than ever before.

Staying on top of the latest technology trends is one of the best ways to remain competitive in business today. No matter what your industry, you can improve your operations with the right technology solutions in hand.

Image via Flickr by Marcie Casas