9 Places You Should Not Play Pokemon Go

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard of the newest smartphone game craze, Pokemon Go. This simple game requires players to venture outside and catch various Pokemon monsters to level up and battle other Pokemons. Although there are plenty of suitable places to catch a Pokemon, from a neighborhood park to a local cafe, there are some locations that you should probably avoid.

Private Properties

No matter how bad you want to catch a particular Pokemon, you should refrain from trespassing onto someone’s property. Not only can this cause an altercation with the property owner, but they could press charges for trespassing.


Memorials are serene places of honor and reflection. Since the game provides Pokestops at many landmarks, including memorials, it might be tempting to play while you are there. Remember to be respectful of the area and the other visitors by not playing the game while in attendance.

While Driving

If you thought texting and driving was bad, playing Pokemon Go while driving takes the cake. Taking your eyes off the road for even a second is enough time to cause a major accident. Even being on your phone while driving is illegal in some states. Be smart and wait until you get to your destination to catch your next Pokemon.


Although a popular place to play due to the amount of Pokestops, a cemetery is not the best place to play. Not only does the solemn atmosphere not warrant the mood to play, but you should also be considerate of the people visiting their loved ones. Some famous cemeteries, including Arlington National Cemetery, have even asked visitors to avoid playing there.


If you are going to visit a museum, enjoy your surroundings and the exhibits at hand. The historic and timeless items on display are something to experience and appreciate without the added distraction of playing a game.

At School

Save Pokemon Go for your down time especially if you’re enrolled in college. Playing during class or when you should be doing homework can be detrimental to your education, not to mention your wallet.

Places of Worship

Many churches and other places of worship are set up as Pokestops and receive a lot of visitors. Although it is appropriate to play outside, playing inside a church, synagogue, or mosque can be very distracting to the people visiting the church.

Movie Theaters

What’s more annoying than someone being on their phone during a movie? The light from the phone is a distraction to the other people watching the movie, and god forbid you forget to put your phone on silent. Many theaters prohibit phone use in the theaters as well, so avoid getting kicked out of your movie by keeping your phone in your pocket.

Crossing the Street

Even though the game consistently reminds players to be aware of their surroundings, people are still managing to walk into traffic while playing the game. Recently, a girl in Pennsylvania was struck by a car shortly after catching a Pokemon and sustained minor injuries.

There are many great places in the community to play Pokemon Go, but make sure you take the location into consideration before taking out your phone. Be respectful and aware of what’s around you and you will have no problem catching ’em all.

Image via Flickr by Chendragon2