AndroidWear: What’s the Big Deal?

Android took the smartphone market by storm, and now it’s taking over the smartwatch market with AndroidWear. Even watch manufacturers are getting in on the action by putting quality timepieces out that use AndroidWear.

What makes an AndroidWear watch so special is the fact that it’s more than an extension to the Android phone. It functions on its own and doesn’t completely rely on connecting to a phone to operate. It stands on it’s own as a watch and fitness tracker when not connected, and looks awesome whether it’s connected or not.

The Practical Side of AndroidWear

Let’s face it, it’s a pain in the rear to constantly pull out or search for the phone when an alert goes off or a call comes in. Wearing an AndroidWear watch instantly eliminates the need to go after the phone no matter what kind of notification pops up. Simply look at your wrist and you get to see who’s calling, emailing, texting, or chatting with you on IM. Don’t want to answer the phone? Swipe the watch face to send the caller to voicemail. An important email came in? Then you know it’s time to reach for your phone or get to a computer and reply.

Watches that run Android 2.0 removes the need to grab your phone for replies. Just pull up the screen and start writing with your fingertip. The OS has handwriting recognition software that translates what you scribe into typed words.

You Don’t Always Need Your Phone to Use the Watch

AndroidWear has over 4,000 apps that work on the watch without the phone. The watch functions normally as long as the watch has a connection to a known Wi-Fi network. Listening to the radio and want to find out the name of the song that’s playing? Pull up Shazam and let it do its thing. The track information gets sent to the phone for you to check out later. And if you want to go for a run but you left your phone at home, no problem. Google Fit on the watch logs your distance and calories burned. It’ll upload the data to the phone when it reconnects so you won’t have a hole in your fitness diary.

It Just Looks Cool

Phone and watch manufacturers have put their best design foot forward when it comes to AndroidWear watches. TAG Heuer is just one watch manufacturer that’s bringing its quality design, material use, and manufacturing techniques to AndroidWear.

Downloadable watch faces make the watch, no matter the brand name, look like a high-end timepiece even if it’s only a Moto 360. Give your watch a skeleton face and make it look like it has internal gears. Or pick an engraved enamel face for understated elegance. There’s a watch face to suit all of your moods and whims.

AndroidWear brings together the convenience of the watch and smartphone into one small package that fits on the wrist. It’s truly a prime example of how technology makes life better without it being overbearing.

Image via Flickr by Karlis Dambrans