Ditch the Band: 4 of the Coolest Hidden Wearables

Wrist wearables keep us connected to our smartphones and give us insight into our bodies and habits. Wearing a band on your wrist, however, doesn’t work for everyone. Comfort concerns, inconvenience, or personal fashion all play a part in the decision not to wear a smartwatch or a fitness band. If you’re craving that technology-body connection but don’t want something around your wrist, fabulous other options await you.

Athos Smart Exercise Clothing

A fitness band tracks only one spot on your body: your wrist. Athos smart exercise clothing has sensors built into the fabric itself and is able to track your muscles, heart rate, and biosignals all over your body. Use Athos clothing to unlock the most efficient way to lift weights and train your muscles. The smartphone connection offers insights into how your body works in readable and comprehensible data. You get real-time feedback about your workout, so you can adjust your form as you’re doing reps.

OMBra Smart Sports Bra

Despite the advances in wearable technology, fitness bands, and smart watches get coated in sweat when you work out, causing them to slide up and down your wrist even when you’re wearing them correctly. Nix the problem entirely (and dispense with weird wrist tan lines if you frequently run outside) by investing in a smart bra instead.

OMSignal, the fitness company responsible for creating lots of popular smart fitness shirts, has crafted one of the best smart sports bras on the market. The design eliminates bulky plastic pieces you find in other sports bras and focuses on providing a great fit. OMBra connects with OMRun, a technology platform that offers deep insights into your run and your workout.

Aria Smart Insoles

Concentrate on walking, pedaling or running, not on swinging your arms. Use Aria’s smart insoles to track the same data your fitness band picks up. The insoles track your steps, monitor your heart rate, and record health data which you can view on your phone later. Aria’s insoles are able to both heat and cool your feet, helping you manage your body temperature during your workout. Fit them inside your most comfortable everyday shoes for all-day fitness tracking and temperature control.

Ringly Smart Ring

If all you need is a connection to your smartphone’s notifications, a smart ring hides in fashionable sight on your finger. Oversized gems offer statement jewelry pieces that will enhance your outfits without feeling too bulky on your fingers. Ringly’s Libra Collection focuses on subtle colors that go perfectly with your professional ensembles. Your Ringly ring will buzz against your hand and subtly light up when you receive smartphone notifications, which you can customize through the app.

Fitness bands and smartwatches are great wearable smart accessories for lots of people! When you’re craving something a little more specified, or a little more invisible, these streamlined tech options offer something different, but equally fun. Don’t assume the most popular wearable will be right for you; try out a few until you discover the wearable that makes the biggest lifestyle difference.

Image via Flickr by ursonate