Get Ready for a New Version of Microsoft Paint

Most people are familiar with the simple Paint application that comes installed on all Windows computers. It’s used to create basic images and manipulate graphics. However, very few changes have been made to the original application in its 20+ year life. That’s now changing — Microsoft is working on a Windows 10 version that features several much-needed enhancements. You can expect the reveal to happen soon.

What Can We Expect from Windows 10 Paint?

All of the familiar features of Paint will remain in the new version. You’ll still be able to create freehand graphics with your computer mouse or finger, create custom colors, resize and crop images, and select from a variety of shapes and brush tools to enhance your graphics. The biggest change you can expect from Windows 10 Paint is the ability to create 3D objects. You’ll also be able to pick up objects more easily and have access to more painting tools and brushes than in any previous version, as well as stickers.

The new Paint app is getting a major overhaul. It won’t have as many features as Adobe Photoshop, but 3D object support will give the app a new edge. Users will be able to use brushes and other art tools directly on 3D objects to create models and more visually appealing graphics. Windows 10 Paint will keep its user-friendly interface with more support for touchscreen users and Microsoft’s trademark stylus. Community integration for collaboration on graphics will also be supported.

Why Is Paint Getting an Upgrade Now?

Paint was wildly popular on early versions of Windows. People used it for everything from learning to use a mouse to designing websites. Competitors quickly popped up with their own graphics apps, but MS Paint has remained available to Windows users for all of their basic graphics needs.

The Paint app has only received minor improvements since its first appearance on Windows computers. For instance, the background transparency feature was added to the Windows 98 version, and more brush strokes have made their appearance on subsequent versions of Windows. This leaves the question of why Microsoft decided to make major changes to the application now, after so many years.

It’s clear that Microsoft had Windows 10 in mind while redesigning Paint because touch-friendly features will make the app more useful than ever and stylus support will be important. Windows wanted to get users excited and offer a more useful, standard tool for creatives. It will most likely be an important app for a new surface device that’s coming out soon.

When Will the New Paint App Be Available?

No release date has been announced for Windows 10 Paint yet, but users hope it will be soon. David Nield from Tech Radar thinks the reveal will come at a Microsoft special event that is planned in New York City on the 26th of October. This would align well with the unveiling of a new Surface device.

I’m excited to give Windows 10 Paint a try. Hopefully, Microsoft doesn’t leave us waiting for long. What features do you hope will be included in the new app?

Image via Flickr by farrahsanjari