Harry Potter Go: Can We Trust the Rumors?

As soon as Pokémon Go came out, the gigantic Harry Potter fandom dreamed of a similar augmented reality game based on their favorite fantasy franchise. Chasing down magical creatures, engaging in duels with members of different Hogwarts and Ilvermorny houses, and hunting horcruxes is a dream many fans would love to see come to reality.

With Pottermore releasing new quizzes and info all the time (including Pottermore’s wildly popular and divisive Patronus test) the time seems ripe for a Harry Potter Go game to come out. Rumors have been circulating that the game might be in development, but do we Potterheads dare to believe them?

The Rumors

Not long after Pokemon Go made waves around the world, Harry Potter fans started blogging, tweeting, and memeing about how great it would be to experience Harry Potter Go. A petition came out and quickly gathered signatures, and somewhere along the way the wishful thinking and speculation became full-blown rumor.

Websites many fans trust, like Hello Giggles and NME, released articles claiming that Harry Potter Go was in development and that Niantic, the company behind Pokemon Go, was heading the game. At the news, Harry Potter fans around the world were happy enough to conjure insanely powerful Patronuses.

The Truth

Alas, the dreams of a Harry Potter Go app remain dreams for now. Internet sleuths on Snopes and Hypable have looked into the claims that Niantic will be developing Harry Potter Go, and concluded that these rumors are false. The lie is a tangled one, which Hypable thinkscertain websites peddled to get clicks and views.

The story that Harry Potter Go was definitely happening appeared on popular blogs and buzz engines. Snopes traced the origins of the rumor to the website JTHXNews. The website, upon closer inspection, doesn’t look legitimate, and the sources JTHXNews cited aren’t real, either. JTHXNews relied mostly on an interview IGN apparently did with a Niantic employee as their main source of information. The only problem? That employee doesn’t exist and neither does the interview.

All Is Not Lost

Unfortunately, people still talk about the story as though Niantic might develop a Harry Potter Go app, with websites publishing misleading headlines even after some quick internet searches prove the story to be bunk. Right about now Potterheads may be feeling like Harry did after Cho Chang rejected his Yule Ball invitation, but fans shouldn’t give up hope just yet. The “Accio Harry Potter Go” petition has almost 60,000 signatures on it, and buzz about our favorite Boy Who Lived hasn’t died down one bit, though Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out almost 10 years ago.

Right now, no legitimate confirmation of a Harry Potter Go app has surfaced. If such a magical app does go into development, lots of legitimate sources will confirm the news, including the company that’s doing the game. You can probably expect JK Rowling to tweet about it, and a Pottermore report to appear. Sign the petition, and keep talking about Harry Potter Go. Not everyone has given up on the chance of it happening!

Image via Flickr by Dallas.Epperson