How Current Online Trends Are Changing Small Business Management

Small businesses have to adapt their management policies to the modern times, whether they want it or not. Since the majority of contemporary business trends are related to the Internet, business ventures that don’t play their cards on the online table are highly likely to lose their bankroll and go bankrupt. However, this race includes some merciless players, so here are some smart strategies for successful participation in the online business game.

Greater importance of gadgets

Over the last three years, the global market of gadgets has changed so much that today an average smartphone of mid-range quality equals an average computer produced ten years ago. Consequently, the rapid development of the gadget market has introduced numerous innovations in the way we run businesses, as well. For instance, today you can organize conference calls via smartphones. Moreover, tablets are extremely advanced, so that they can be used as mobile offices. Business owners simply need to learn how to use their gadgets for business purposes on the go. Also, when you decide to launch a website, it’s crucial to go for a gadget-friendly Web business place. For if not responsive, your website will be a mere springboard for gadget Internet users.

Video virality ensures popularity

To use a simple pun, today a small business needs to go viral if they want to become and remain virile. The term viral comes from the word virus, describing content that spreads through the cybersphere like viruses throughout an organism. The fastest shortcut for a small business to reach a viral status is to shoot and/or post their own videos. The recipe is pretty simple – the ingredients are your employees, their achievements, and an HD-camera. They should be recorded in different contexts, affirmative for your business story. After that, you only have to edit the video material and produce amusing and entertaining promotional videos. If not adept at editing, try some of these tools.

Moreover, opening accounts on several online channels and sharing your original content is a must. Of course, publish every piece of video content made by other people that might be useful for your business partners and clients, as well.

Innovative cloud solutions

What started as online storage space has recently developed into one of the most powerful global business tools. The cloud has definitely caused some serious changes on the face of the business world as we speak. First of all, cloud providers offer inexpensive software packages that reduce the budgets of SMBs for software licenses. Secondly, business ventures can negotiate great web hosting conditions with professionals from various parts of the world. This perk also contributes to more reasonable budgeting.

Thirdly, an average business office doesn’t need dozens of hard drives anymore, but they can choose from a wide assortment of online storage solutions.

Finally, the cloud is opening the door to the massive use of the Internet of Things, which is yet to completely alter the way we conduct business.


Web branding and business identity

Last, but not least, all the aforementioned innovations on the Internet should be used under the same marketing flag – the banner of your brand identity. If we borrow the theory of social Darwinism and apply it to the current online trends, it’s clear that only the most adaptable and recognizable small businesses will survive this business battle.

However, the good news is that you can count on hundreds of different strategies and digital solutions that can help you pass to a higher level and become a successful enterprise. For instance, continuous presence in social media, constant improvements of your portfolio and seamless networking are only some of handy online branding strategies. For more information on this matter, read a first-person experience on online marketing, presented in a piece published by Forbes.

Although SMB owners are facing some truly difficult challenges, they also have an unparalleled amount of knowledge and information available at a click of a mouse. Therefore, remember that only he who dares (and adapts), wins and get into that business arena with a cold head and a wise plan for your professional future.


Dan Radak is a marketing professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.