Make Your Freelancing Life Easier With These 4 Apps

Freelancers don’t get company time sheets, benefits, or paid vacation. The trade-off is working outside an office and pursuing a personalized career. Sometimes, though, it would be nice if freelancers didn’t have to worry about invoicing and hours tracking so they could spend more time being creative and building their businesses. If you’re a freelancer feeling frustrated with the paperwork part of running your business, you need to download a few of these apps.

Manage Time With Toggl

Free app Toggle is a time tracker that works on your Apple or Android smartphone. This simple timesheet app works via a timer; set it when you begin a freelance project so you know exactly how many hours you should bill for at the end of the week. It syncs across devices and saves your data in the cloud. If you forget to set the timer, manually add hours to the app after you’ve completed them. You’ll never have to fudge or estimate your billable hours again.

Manage Tasks With Wunderlist

Organize all your freelance projects in the free Wunderlist app. If you’re feeling bogged down or lost in a haze of work, Wunderlist is the perfect spot to manage your projects. Due dates and reminders help you get projects to clients on time, swipe to get a picture of today’s tasks, and sync one Wunderlist account between your tablet, smartphone, and PC. This handy to-do app works on both iOS and Android. To get extra features like subtasks and task assigning, upgrade to PRO for $4.99 a month.

Manage Money With Invoice Simple

Invoicing is an annoying but very necessary part of running a freelance business. The Invoice Simple app provides a template for easy invoicing. Create invoices for all your jobs in minutes via this app, which is available for iOS and Android devices. The invoice template has a spot for your logo and company graphics, and you can manually add client information or choose clients from your contact list. The best part? You easily keep track of who’s paid and who hasn’t. Your first three projects are free, and after that, it’s $2.99 a month.

Manage Distractions With RescueTime

When the hours in the day seem to disappear and your to-do list hasn’t shortened at all, your phone is probably the culprit. Download RescueTime for free on your Android device for a time-tracked picture of how you spend your time on your phone. RescueTime tells you how long you spend in each app and on each website. Each week you get a report detailing how you spent your smartphone time. Set goals for yourself to minimize your addiction to certain apps and websites.

So you don’t make enough as a freelancer to hire a personal assistant. With these apps to streamline your paperwork, you don’t need one! Keep that hard-earned cash for yourself and invest your extra time in doing amazing creative work, building your business, or learning more about your craft. Few people like paperwork, but at least you won’t have to spend long doing it.

Image via Flickr by Chris Hunkeler

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