Mario Is Finally Coming to Mobile

In recent years, Nintendo has been reluctant to develop mobile games, worrying that it could hurt their console business. However, that seems to be changing in 2016. Pokémon Go was a major hit and now Nintendo has decided to bring Mario to mobile, too.

Super Mario Run Is Announced at the Apple Conference

Nobody was expecting Nintendo to announce a mobile Mario game, but during Apple’s 2016 conference, that’s what happened. Shigeru Miyamoto, the man responsible for creating Mario over 35 years ago, came onto the stage to reveal Super Mario Run. The audience was caught completely by surprise, but everyone seemed excited.

Super Mario Run is a big move for Nintendo because instead of trying to tempt players away from mobile games to console games, Nintendo is submerging itself into mobile development. The company was recently successful with Pokémon Go and Super Mario Run is expected to be the next best thing. Nintendo also has other mobile games in the works, such as Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem.

Nintendo teamed with DeNA to develop Super Mario Run. The game will be released on iOS first in December 2016 and come to Android at the beginning of next year. Nintendo was predominantly responsible for content and DeNA took care of back-end operations.

Super Mario Run Gameplay

During the Apple Conference announcement, Miyamoto said, “For the first time ever, players will be able to enjoy a full-fledged Super Mario game with just one hand, giving them the freedom to play while riding the subway or eating a hamburger.”

Super Mario Run will be a lot simpler than the console versions of Mario because of the setbacks of the mobile platform. It’s a side scrolling, autorun game where players move through obstacle courses and collect coins. Players simply tap the screen to make Mario jump varying heights.

There will be a ‘Toad Rally’ mode where players can compete for the highest score on levels. Each player also has control of a Mushroom Kingdom where toads go to live. Coins collected in levels can be used to customize the kingdom.

Pricing Structure for Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run will not be freemium. Instead, the game will be free to download and then players will have to pay a flat rate to unlock access to all of the levels. The price of the app has not been released yet, but as long as players are happy with the game, Nintendo stands to make a lot of money. Freemium games with in-app purchases is the go-to pricing structure of many mobile games, so it’s refreshing to see a game go back to a flat rate structure.

It only took Pokémon Go two months to reach half a million downloads. Mario is even more popular than Pokémon and Dr. Serkan Totopredicts Super Mario Run could easily reach one billion downloads. Investors are on the same page because Nintendo shares soared 18 percent just minutes after the announcement was made. Mario is finally coming to mobile!

Image via Flickr by Tom Newby Photography