Never Walk Home Alone: These 3 Apps Will Help You Get There Safe

At some point, most people have probably been in a position where they felt unsafe walking home. Whether it’s late at night, or you’re in an unfamiliar area, it’s natural to feel a bit weary when walking alone. You never know who’s around the corner, or if you’ll end up in a fight or flight situation. While our society tries to emphasize the importance of learning self-defense, many of us would still not be comfortable in a situation where we’d need to fight for our lives, and others may not be physically capable of it.

Fortunately, there are now multiple apps that were designed to be your companion in situations where you want some extra security. Below are the three best apps to keep you safe while walking alone!


While SafeTrek may not have as many bells and whistles as some other personal safety apps, many users love the easy-to-use interface. The app has only one feature. You press your finger against the large button in the middle of the screen and hold it down while you are feeling unsafe, releasing once you feel safe again. Once you release you will be prompted to enter your chosen pin number.

If an Emergency were to happen, and you release your finger without entering your pin, an alert will be sent to local police. SafeTrek is able to directly contact the police, while similar apps rely on your emergency contacts to make that call. This is a helpful feature, considering that an emergency contact may not always be near their phone and might not see your need for help immediately. While this app does not record voice or video in the event of an emergency, many users find it makes them feel more confident when in uncertain situations. SafeTrek is available for both Android and iPhone users.


Companion was designed by 5 students from the University of Michigan and promises that you will “never walk home alone”.  The app allows people to request a digital friend to track their location as they walk alone. It gives you the option of selecting a specific friend or family member to follow you on your route, from their phone. Companion will check in with you if you don’t make it to your destination by the expected time, and it will also check in if you start to run or remove your headphones.

911 can be called easily with a two tap button, and it even alerts campus security if you are walking through a college campus. Additionally, it has a personal alarm that will sound in the event of an emergency to alert the people around you and draw attention.


While bSafe’s main purpose is allowing it’s users to take personal safety into their own hands, it has countless other useful features. From scheduling fake calls to help you get out of a bad date, to allowing you to share your location with friends and notifying them when you’re in danger, bSafe has it all. Once you download the app and create your profile, you have the option of adding friends and family to your Social Safety Network. While everyone you add would need to have a bSafe account to accept your invitation, you can add as many people as you want. You can even select one person to be your primary contact. This person will be the one to receive both a text and call in case an emergency were to happen.

The Follow Me feature enables you to share your location with your friends. Anyone in your Social Safety Network can see your location and follow you as you proceed to your destination in real time! When using this feature you can set a timer that will send an alert to your friends if you do not check in to your destination. You also have use of the SOS button which can be found at the bottom of your screen. By pressing this button you will automatically alert your entire Social Safety Network. Once the SOS button is pressed, bSafe will instantly begin to record your location with time stamps, as well as voice and video. bSafe is available on both Android and iPhone devices for a free download.

While these three personal safety apps work as great companions, there are plenty of others on the market to check out. You want to find an app that you’re comfortable with and that fits your needs. However, the most important thing is staying safe and feeling confident when out, walking alone. Luckily with a smartphone in hand, help is only one tap away!

 Image via Flickr by Misko78