Parked Illegally? The Barnacle Will Make You Pay

The days of discovering that your car has been immobilized by a boot may soon come to an end. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that law enforcement will let you off the hook for parking illegally. You may, however, find that a new, high-tech device makes it easier for you to pay your fines and get back on the road quickly.

Introducing the Barnacle

The company Ideas That Stick has made an innovative option for law enforcement to immobilize vehicles without using cumbersome boots. The Barnacle is a 20-pound plastic device with large suction cups installed on the bottom. Those suction cups can create about 750 pounds of pressure, which makes it nearly impossible for anyone to remove them without authorization.

Ideas That Stick also includes a built-in alarm that makes the Barnacle tamper-proof.

When law enforcement spots a vehicle that has accumulated too many parking tickets, police place the Barnacle on the windshield and they activate it. Within seconds, the suction cups attach themselves to the window, making it impossible for drivers to operate their cars until the Barnacles have been removed.

How Barnacle Benefits Law Enforcement

Law enforcement should consider adopting this new technology because the Barnacle makes it easier for officers to do their jobs. Instead of attaching a boot to a tire, police officers just put the Barnacle on windshields and activate the suction cups. If the car’s owner doesn’t pay the fines soon, law enforcement can arrange to have the vehicle towed to an impound lot without taking the time to remove a boot.

Barnacles are also stackable, which makes it possible for law enforcement to reduce the space they need to store vehicle immobilization devices.

Barnacle Benefits Drivers as Well as Police

This might sound like yet another way for law enforcement to control your life, but the Barnacle actually gives drivers several benefits. Consider what happens when the police put a boot on your car. Once you discover that you’ve been immobilized, you have to contact law enforcement, pay your fines, and wait for someone to remove the device for you.

Barnacle makes the removal process easier. In most cases, you can pay your fines over the phone. Once paid, law enforcement can remotely release the Barnacle from your windshield. The whole process only takes about 10 minutes.

After the Barnacle has been released from your car, you drop it off at an authorized location, such as a nearby police station of the county clerk’s office. The Barnacle is so compact and lightweight that you can just fold it up and put it in your trunk or backseat.

Ideas That Stick is working with ride-hailing services like Uber to pick up unlocked Barnacles instead of forcing drivers to return them.

Currently, only Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Allentown, Pennsylvania use the Barnacle. Considering how many advantages it offers law enforcement and drivers, though, it could quickly replace the boot. Perhaps the only downside is that some motorists may try to drive away with Barnacles still attached to their windshields. Anyone who tries that, though, will get caught quickly and probably charged with reckless driving. It’s best to accept the benefits of the Barnacle and get on with your day.

Image via Flickr by Tallent Show