Stop Stressing Over the Size of Your Data Plan With T-Mobile’s Smart Fit

As a smartphone user, it’s likely you’ve stressed over the size of your data plan. The fear of using too much data and incurring overage charges (or even worse, your parents getting those charges) is probably all too real. When it comes to data plans, size really does matter. Luckily, T-Mobile’s latest offer, Smart Fit, has a solution to finding the perfect fit for you.

How Does It Work?

Smart Fit is pretty straightforward. Opt into the $65 Smart Fit plan, and you’re given full access to unlimited data, talk, and text for the next 30 days. In addition, you receive 14GB of tethering for the month. Once signed up, forget that Big Brother is watching and use your smartphone how you normally would — check your latest Facebook post for likes, scour Instagram for your favorite celebrity photos, and stay up to date on the latest Game of Thrones fan theories. Once the month is over, T-Mobile recommends a data plan based on your usage for the last 30 days.

Why Give It a Try?

T-Mobile’s been doing a lot lately to keep existing customers and bring in new ones, like giving away Samsung Galaxy phones and offering stock in the company. Smart Fit is just one of the latest promotions to hit the smartphone market. Perhaps the most enticing thing about this offer is that there’s no contract or commitment.

After the first 30 days is up, you can choose to opt into the recommended plan or opt out of T-Mobile altogether. Even if Smart Fit got you all wrong — you need way more than 3GB to indulge in cat videos to get you through the work week — you can adjust your recommended plan accordingly.

What’s the Catch?

If you think this is a dream come true, you might just be right. There doesn’t appear to be any hidden fees and fine print, and the trial is fairly risk-free. However, there are a couple of things to note before running to your local T-Mobile store.

During the trial month, you’re given access to unlimited data, a luxury you may not be accustomed to. But it’s important not to go overboard. Indulging in your favorite Pandora station all day, downloading all the latest apps, or finally finding the elusive Charizard on Pokémon Go will likely result in a higher data plan recommendation than you truly need.

If you do use your data sparingly and are recommended a plan that seems just right, don’t forget to sign up for it. Not canceling or forgoing choosing a plan will result in you automatically being signed up for T-Mobile’s standard 6GB plan, a plan that is most likely too big.

If the size of your data plan is stressing you out, T-Mobile’s Smart Fit may be your way to finally finding the perfect plan for you. Just remember, that month of unlimited data does eventually end, and you’ll be back to searching for free Wi-Fi in no time.

Image via Flickr by Dakiny