Many people find their iPhone is a near-constant companion that assists with everything from communication to navigation to entertainment. With the right apps, your iPhone can streamline your life in an infinite number of ways, but you can’t maximize its usefulness if your phone is running slowly. Speeding up your iPhone comes with a host of benefits, from improved battery life to enhanced application capabilities. Use these strategies to whip your phone into shape.

Check Location Services

If you’re not careful about managing app settings, you could have a slew of applications that are using GPS access throughout the day. While your weather and navigation applications need GPS to know where you are, there’s less benefit to supplying your location to an app like Twitter. There are three possible settings for location services – Never, Always, and While Using. Select Never for as many applications as possible. When you do want an app to supply location specific services, at least downgrade from Always to While Using.

You’ll find Location Services under Privacy in your iPhone Settings. Scroll through all your apps to find out how many are using GPS, and slowing down your phone in the process.

Simplify Appearance Settings

If you have a newer iPhone, there are some impressive features that enhance the look of the phone at the cost of some speed. Under General Settings, go to the Accessibility panel. Here, you can reduce motion to lessen some of the animation enhancements. Under the Increase Contrast option, you can decrease other graphics settings. Turn on Reduce Transparency to juice up your iPhone’s performance. The cost comes in the form of some grey areas, but you’ll enjoy added speed in exchange.

Store Your Photos on the Cloud

Activate the iCloud Photo Library, and your phone will automatically upload photos and videos to your iCloud account. You get 5GB of storage for free, which can give you ample space to save pictures until you get a chance to periodically move them. You can also upgrade your storage space for a monthly fee. The best way to use iCloud, is to set your phone to keep only compressed photos on the device itself while moving all high-resolution files to the cloud. This lets you keep some of those beloved pics on hand to show off to friends without sapping all your phone’s energy.

Update Promptly

The best version of your operating software and apps is always the most recent one. Application developers strive to create programs that run as quickly and efficiently as possible. The same is true for your operating software. If you’re using an outdated OS and glitchy apps without the available patches, you may use more energy than necessary. Always download updates as soon as they’re available for improved performance.

Pay attention to how you’re using your phone and you can make significant improvements to speed. Not only will your faster iPhone offer improved efficiency today, it will also enjoy a longer life overall when you’re using these efficient strategies.