4 Technologies Aspiring Producers Need to Test Drive

Professional grade technologies are becoming more affordable than ever, and quality and performance aren’t being sacrificed to fit the budget. If you’re serious about pursuing a career in music production, or even if it’s just a hobby, your laptop and Garage Band won’t cut it. From production pads to instrument and vocal loopers to digital keyboards, there are plenty of equipment options for producers to test out, all within budget.

With affordable prices and professional grade capabilities, there is no excuse not to take the next step towards your dreams. Aspiring producers need to look into these # technologies to bring their sound to the next level.


Colorful, ergonomic, and powerful, the Maschine resembles a large pad version of childhood memory game Simon. Available in full-size or mini-size, the Maschine features 16 sound buttons and eight interchangeable instrument options. Each instrument is associated with a different color and the pad lights up to reflect what instrument choice is on. Beats can be prerecorded, so you can layer instruments on top of each other easily. This powerful piece of equipment is perfect for beat creating, mixing, and mastering.

Komplete Kontrol

Komplete Kontrol and Maschine are both in the Native Instruments family making them perfect compliments for one another. Komplete Kontrol is similar to Maschine in that you have Komplete Kontrol over the sounds being emitted. Midi pads are great for drums and beat creation, while midi keyboards like Komplete Kontrol are versatile, offering easy production of drums, keys, guitars, and other instruments. The keyboard is also perfect for producers who are classically trained in music because it offers a traditional piano interface. Look into purchasing both for a top-tier production experience.

Roland Vocoder

The Maschine and Komplete Kontrol keyboard are perfect tools for producing rich and heavy backing tracks for artists, now it’s time to beef up the production with vocals. The Roland Vocoder allows you to add flawless and professional quality vocals to your mix. With the ability to switch in-between different vocal effects, loop sounds, and edit and master, the Roland Vocoder is a necessity for anyone serious about making a career out of producing. Vocal recorders like this one are also perfect for vocalists hoping to have control over the vocal tracks they send to producers.

iZotope Ozone 7

Once you have the complete equipment set-up to produce your music, you need to right mastering software. Mastering your tracks give them the high-quality audio professional sound engineers use to create multi-million dollar hits. Most equipment comes with software that assists in the mastering of your product, but Ozone 7 is a software specifically designed for high-quality mastering. Take pride in your work by using iZotope Ozone 7 and take your career to the next level.

Whether music production is your hobby or career path, these four technologies will assist you in creating your next flawless banger. Try out one or all of these sound options; you and your clients will be amazed at the difference in your production sound.

Image via Flickr by Stephen Geyer