When it comes to getting fit, nothing replaces a good diet and frequent workouts. Combine these good habits with fitness gadgets for better insight into how your diet and exercise are affecting your body. Fitness gadgets are wonderful supplements to your fitness goals since they allow you to detect patterns and learn more about your body.

Fitbit Charge HR

Fitbit is one of the most popular fitness bands. The Charge HR tracks your steps, monitors your heart rate, and tells you how you slept.

Image via Flickr by Janitors

Many people use Fitbit to achieve target heart rate goals during exercise, but it gives you far more information than that. Based on your height, weight, and activity levels, it gives you an idea of how many calories you burn each day. It syncs up with a smartphone app or the Fitbit website so you can manage your goals, input your food, and find out how long you slept, and how often you were restless. 

Skulpt Aim

Counting calories, tracking miles, and measuring heart rate are all valuable and popular fitness measurements, and many devices and apps exist to help you keep track and maximize these numbers. Now a device exists that helps you determine body fat and how your muscles are developing. Skulpt Aim is a sensor that uses electrical pulses; you use it against your skin while wet, and it can tell you about up to 12 muscles at once. Get a new perspective on how that workout and diet are working for you.

Wahoo Tickr X

The Wahoo Tickr X is a heart rate monitor that straps around your chest instead of around your wrist. Capable of capturing motion, the Tickr X can count your reps as well as monitor your heart rate. Its internal memory stores your workout data and syncs it to your smartphone later via Bluetooth, and is compatible with many workout apps. Unlike the fitness bands that focus on daily activity, the Tickr X is designed for capturing and analyzing your workouts and differentiating between strength and cardio. Use this one to record your gym sessions and push yourself further with every session.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

The Withings Smart Body Analyzer measures weight, heart rate, and body fat percentage. When you choose your body type from a list and indicate whether you frequently work out, the Smart Body Analyzer provides both BMI and body fat percentage more accurately than most scales that just rely on height and weight. It syncs to an app which gives you an overall picture of your weight and other measurements. By adding activities and life events, you can use charts to see which activities are better for your weight management goals and which tend to derail you.

With the ability to track workouts, remember reps, and set cardio goals, the patterns in your fitness journey open to reveal, in better clarity, what works for you and what doesnt. Fitness tech is the new way to bring your understanding of your body, your diets, and your workouts to a new level.