Almost four million apps exist across the five most popular smartphone ecosystems. The sheer volume of available programs makes many people feel paralyzed by choice. That’s unfortunate since many new apps are more innovative than their predecessors. Here are the top four up and coming apps for 2016.


You know the frustration of the situation all too well. You and your friends try to make dinner plans. It all falls apart when people start telling you the particulars of their diets. Some want a place that serves craft beer, others want spicy food, and a couple of folks need something with a vegan menu. One of the aggravations of modern living is too much choice.


Sometimes, you just want to type what you want into your phone and let it decide. That’s precisely what Luka does. You type in all the dietary needs your group has. It will display all the local restaurants that can satisfy everyone’s needs. It’ll take a lot of aggravation out of your life. Luka is currently only available in San Francisco, but it’ll expand into many large markets later this year.


Surfing news on your smart device is an art that developers have yet to perfect. People use their phones and tablets differently than their computers, and that novel behavior requires a lot of programming adjustment. Over the years, apps such as Flipboard and Feedly have tried to offer quick content delivery, but each app has its flaws.


Wildcard tries to enhance the news reader experience. It itemizes all the major stories as mobile cards. These are easy to read on your phone and simple to peruse. Plus, the organizing system in place is flawless. Wildcard should become one of the most popular news readers on the market this year.

Brain Dots

You don’t just use your phone for productivity. Sometimes, you’ve got some time to kill. Puzzles games are great activities when you’re bored. They will get your creative juices going while challenging you mentally.


Brain Dots is one of the best new games in recent memory. It’s addictive to play and gratifying to beat. All you have to do is get two dots to touch by drawing connections between them. It sounds so simple, and that’s the elegance of the design. Even children can play it, yet adults can spend countless hours trying to master.


One of the awkward aspects of internet communication is signing a contract. All parties may sign off on the agreement theoretically, but the law requires them to put pen to paper in order for the document to stand in a court of law. Since people arrange so many agreements without meeting in person, a need exists to sign legal documents digitally.


SignEasy does this better than any app to date. It performs digital signatures while protecting a person’s security. The user can implement a four-digit pin code to guarantee authenticity of their signature. Thanks to this app, anybody can sign anything anywhere at any time.

The app industry is a moving target. Something new and better is always in the works. If you want the best apps available in 2016, download these four to stay ahead of the game.