Video Game Releases to Look For This Fall

Every year around the holidays, video game manufacturers unleash the years latest and greatest just in time for parents to spend all their hard-earned money. This year is no sleeper. With new takes on old systems, fresh takes on popular games, and classic games with new storylines, we can expect this fall’s video game lineup to excite no matter what platform you play on. These are just a few releases to look for this year.

Nintendo’s NES Returns

If you were into old school video games back in the day, then you’ll remember unpacking your first NES system and then losing to your older sister countlessly at Super Mario Bros. Well sweet revenge is here! That’s right, this fall you can own a smaller, cartridge-free version of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System. With a retro-style remote control, players get that original NES gameplay feel. Throw in an HDMI port, and the new NES brings classic Nintendo titles straight to your HDTV. Missing famous games like Duck Hunt and Contra, NES fanatics may be upset that games cannot be added or downloaded. However, its 30 pre-loaded titles are sure to deliver hours of classic gaming fun.

FIFA 2017

It’s a FIFA release; of course, we know what to expect right? Wrong. This September, EA Sports is giving FIFA enthusiast the overhaul they’ve been waiting for. This year’s FIFA will feature an exciting narrative mode called, The Journey. Players can now take a fictitious character through an entire professional soccer career. Along with role-playing, FIFA ’17 will also feature more intelligent players. Using its new software engine, Frostbite, EA Sports has given game characters the ability to move quicker and make better in-game decisions. FIFA ’17 also takes the popular, Ultimate Team mode, to another level. With Ultimate Team Championship mode, players can compete for a share in a prize pool valued at nearly $1.3 million. Look for FIFA ’17 to score big amongst soccer and sports game enthusiasts alike.

Battlefield 1

Electronic Arts has no problem developing first-person shooter games, and Battlefield 1 stands to be one of it’s best yet. Don’t let the insanely sick trailer fool you into thinking this is just another fly-by-night title. With Battlefield 1, EA takes gamers on a journey through World War 1 like we’ve never imagined. The game puts users in the role of a WWI fighter while keeping the gameplay elements of more modern Battlefield games. The game’s developers walk the thin line between historical representation and modernized gameplay. EA developer, Daniel Berlin, told “It’s definitely rooted in history. There’s no alternate mix of anything else. All the stuff you see is equipment that was available. All the vehicles you see were available at this time.” Look for Battlefield 1 this October for every major platform.

These are just a few of the top releases slated to make waves this fall/winter gaming season. Other notable releases to watch for include, The Elder Scrolls V, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Final Fantasy XV, and even a new South Park game this December. So get your favorite game chair and snack helmet ready, I have a feeling you’re going to need them.

Image via Flickr by nuetronboy