Why You Need the My Disney Experience App for Your Next Trip

It’s no secret that Disney is running the game when it comes to theme park technology. Between MagicBands, FastPass +, and the My Disney Experience app, Disney continues to go above and beyond to cater to customers and make sure tech-savvy park-goers have everything they need right at their fingertips. While My Disney Experience seems like a basic enough app, it’s a total necessity for your next Walt Disney World trip.

How Does It Work?

After buying your tickets, download the free My Disney Experience to your smartphone or tablet — it’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices — sign in using the same account you bought your tickets with, and begin customizing! Before you get to the parks, you can book your FastPass + selections, make reservations at your favorite restaurants, and view park amenities. You can even choose your favorite Disney character as your avatar.

How Does It Enhance the Parks?

Here’s where this app really shines. Before your trip, you can easily do all of the above from your computer, but while you’re in the parks, you would have to rely on maps, long kiosk lines, and friendly Disney employees to have a magical, yet far less convenient experience.

Book and Change FastPass +

The app allows you to reserve and change all of your FastPass + selections right up until the beginning of the allotted one-hour window. Adjust the times of FastPass + activities or even switch all three to a completely different park. Running late for your 12:30 date with the Tower of Terror? Just switch the time to later in the day. Without the app, you’ll find yourself waiting in kiosk lines that rival lines for the most popular rides.

View Wait Times

Before you waste your time dragging your tired feet to the next attraction you want to experience, check the app to view wait times. While these times aren’t perfect — more like an estimate — they’re usually pretty close. Ride attendants send cards through with willing guests to monitor how long it’s actually taking to get through a given line.

Never Get Lost or Miss a Character

Don’t bother lugging around a wrinkled or sweaty map; view your park of choice in the app to easily find rides, restrooms, food, and even characters. Choose the character option in the app and filter by your Disney favorite to check out which park they’ll be greeting visitors in and even all of their appearance times.

Preview PhotoPass Photos

As you make your way through the parks, you’ll see photographers waiting to capture your favorite Disney moments. After linking the shots with your MagicBand, they’ll appear in the PhotoPass section of the app along with all of those not-so-attractive ride photos.

With tons of benefits and zero drawbacks, there’s absolutely no reason to opt out of the My Disney Experience app the next time you take a trip to the place “Where Dreams Come True.” Always on the forefront of innovative theme park experiences, Disney will continue to roll out technology like the My Disney Experience app to make sure you always have the most magical trip.

Image via Flickr by danuv